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Help in finding public works frequencies for following Allegheny Co. areas???

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Nov 9, 2009
I was hoping with the terrible winter weather approaching soon that I would be able to get some public works frequencies in which I could listen to form the following areas in Allegheny County:
Duquesne City, Ohio Township, Neville Township, South Fayette, Kennedy Township, Braddock and Plum Boro. If anyone is able to assist me in acquiring these DPW frequencies it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fir your responses in advance and just know that it will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Thanks


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Dec 5, 2006
Carroll Co OH / EN90LN
Check the following:

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania including the trunked systems listed at the bottom

Some of the municipalities may be using trunked systems belonging to other entities.

If you don't see it anywhere in the listing above, below are some _possible_ frequencies based upon licenses.

Neville Township

158.805 - FCC Callsign KZO340 Details

Ohio Township

470.9375 - FCC Callsign WIH969 Details

South Fayette Township

460.275 - FCC Callsign KNGV587 Details
45.60 - FCC Callsign KZE509 Details
- more likely

Kennedy Township

45.48 - FCC Callsign KGX999 Details


154.025 - FCC Callsign KNBC438 Details
154.190 - FCC Callsign WPFT634 Details


39.10 - FCC Callsign WNLA821 Details

I don't live in Allegheny so I can't help you more. Hopefully somebody in Allegheny Co can chime in with more useful information.

If you do plug in any of the frequencies listed above and do identify the agency using them, please submit that information to the RRDB via the "Submit" button on the county database page. Useful things to submit are frequency / callsign / pl-dcs-dpl tone / agency using it / apparent use.




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Jan 5, 2003
You may or may not hear anything on the frequencies listed above. A lot of those used to be old fire or police channels from years ago before the departments switched to County 911 and/or moved to the County UHF system. Seeing as how a lot of those frequencies appear to be simplex, and not really living close to those areas except Plum, I couldn't tell you if they have been reassigned to Public Works use or not.

The Ohio channel I believe is used as a fireground for them, so I don't think you'd hear PW on that.

Some communities are using Nextel with the push-to-talk feature for Public Works/Local Gov. use, including the one I live in.
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