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Help With MSP Programming??

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Dec 25, 2017
Aroostook County
Newbie here....

Got my son a WS1065 for Christmas.......thought for sure I could figure out how to program the darn thing.

Out of desperation, I'm asking for help.

I'm using Win500 and have gotten to the point where I believe I'm scanning zone 4. I included all the sites that I'd expect would be used.....TGs as well.

Scanner shows "scanning" and every so often I'll pick up traffic between Houlton RCC and a mobile unit. That traffic has been very sparse, but crystal clear.

I've experimented with a number of different configurations/settings based on my research of this forum....so far, none have been the silver bullet.

Is there any way of obtaining the Win500 programming parameters for the WS1065?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated...


May 29, 2011
York county Me.
There is a saying.. Google it..
As far as the state police system goes, I find it easier to TUNE into the contol channel, let the scanner evaluate the system ( about 3 seconds ), then STORE it.. Then, edit it- give it a name, delay, and other feature's.
FRIENDLY reminder, TSYS = is the SYSTEM, and TGRP are the channel's AKA talk group's that come from the system.. ALOT of patience is required for new guy's. Trust me, you have a GREAT scanner..
I wish you good luck, and have fun.
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