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May 14, 2009
Hawthorne, NJ
Hey everyone, so I am kinda new to all of this but if anyone could help me out and walk me through the whole fleetsync or mdc1200 setup would be a big help. I have a tk 3180 and to 8180 and I'm trying to get the radio ids to show up on the radio when you key the mic this way the other person knows who's talking. but everything I have tried is not working. I have read a bunch of threads on the fleetsync and MDC 1200 but I have to be missing something. Any help would be great. Thanks
Mar 19, 2015
diamond bar, California
there should be an option in programming software under fleetsync titled "CALLER ID DISPLAY" make sure that is checked. some radios have 2 versions. version 1.0 can do fleetsync but not all options are supported (including caller id) version 2.0 can handle all other settings. if this is the case the software should tell you a warning message about "some features are not supported...." when trying to write to the radio, but as well check the kenwood tag where the model number is if you see "Ver 2.0" and are getting the error in the software then you need a firmware update which jvc kenwood corp. will kindly email to you free but you need a firmware programming software which should of been a file included with radio programming software.

hope this helps you
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