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Help with WS1065

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I've moved your post to its own thread since it doesn't really belong in a thread on the discontinuance of the WS series of scanners.

Hope you get some help.
Mar 31, 2010
I can not get my Ws1065 to program what do I need to do
You have not given us much information to work with but you need a few things to make programming your WS1065 easier (if you don't have them already). You should already have a PC programming cable that came with your scanner. If that is not the case (if you bought the scanner second-hand perhaps and the cable was not included) you can purchase the proper cable directly from Whistler here: https://whistlergroup.com/collectio...products/pc-interface-cable-for-ws1040-ws1065.

You will also need some programming software. 2 of the popular programs available for your scanner are ARC500 from Butel (GRE GRECOM RadioShack PRO-106 PRO106 PRO-197 PRO197 PSR-500 PSR-600 PRO-106 PRO106 PRO-197 PRO197 PSR500 PSR600 PRO651 PRO652Software) and Win500 from StarrSoft (Win500: WS1040, WS1065, PSR-500, PSR-600, PRO-651, PRO-652, PRO-106, PRO-197, PSR-310, PSR-410 Scanner Software for Data Management, Monitoring, and Control). They can both be downloaded before purchase so that you can try them out and get a feel for them.

I see that you are already a RR premium subscriber so that will allow you to download from the RR database directly into whatever software program that you decide to purchase. That will make programming your scanner much easier especially for advanced/trunked radio systems in your area.

To get you started here are some direct links here at RR regarding the two software programs mentioned above:
ARC500 User Guide: ARC500 User Guide - The RadioReference Wiki
Getting Started with Win500: Getting Started with Win500 - The RadioReference Wiki
Win500 User Guide: WIN500 - UtahRadio
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