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Jul 29, 2012
Central Ontario
I somehow load two systems on one scan list,scan list 1
I have an EMS system in scan list 7 where it should be but it is showing up on scan list 1 with my fire system.
How do I remove my EMS from list 1 without losing it on list 7 where it should be and keep fire on scan list 1
Can I do this manually with the scanner rather than use EZ scan.

Thanks...James in Ontario Canada


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Jan 20, 2011
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You have to use ezscan. What you need to do is go to where the system is (conventional or trunked system tab) and highlight all of the channels listed. Then on the far right of those selected you'll see the scan number it is set for. Click on one of the channels highlighted and that will bring up a box to select which scan list the channels will sit in. Select or deselect the ones you like, click set button and write it all to the card.

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