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Home Patrol feature requests - trunking advanced modes

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hi all,
I've got a trio of feature requests here for advanced mode trunk tools - the first two of them may be more like bug fix requests.

One: Saved logs on the HP1 when you use Activity Log show that it has received a site neighbors (adjacent sites) "OSW" from the trunk system, but neglects to actually tell you what the details (RFSS, site, CC freq, etc) are. Just says "Adjacent Status Broadcast" in the log (and nothing on the screen, when the activity log is actually running). I'd like to see the details on both the screen and in the log. If not possible on both, definitely in the log.

One point five: Identifier Updates (LCN definitions) just show "Iden:0" (or "Iden:1" etc) on the "live" activity log on the HP1 screen. In the saved logs, they are shown in a sort of a useful format (except that the "Bfrq" (base freq) is not necessarily shown in MHz). Would like them both (live and in logs) to show the details in a format that is easier identified to the user, i.e. base freq in MHz, step value, offset, and any other data currently saved in the logs (transmit offset, etc).

Two: This one is a bit different than the above two. I'd like to, when doing a limit search/conventional discovery/etc and a supported trunk control channel is discovered, be able to optionally save that to a new system (maybe in a default favorites list or a working list similar to the "quick save conv sys" in XT scanners) and go directly to the analyze mode, for activity log, LCN activity, etc. Similarly, I would like an option in the start of the analyze modes, at the point where the system is being selected - where you are allowed to bypass all systems and just enter a single frequency directly and use that as the input, instead of a frequency(ies) saved in any particular system's sites.

In other words:

Analyze Mode -> Select System menu has an additional menu option marked "Direct Frequency Entry". Selecting that option allows you to key in a frequency and then goes to the menu that includes "Activity Log", "System Strength/Reception Status", etc., bypassing the selection of a system and then subsequent selection of a site. And as mentioned in the beginning of "Two" above, it would be handy for those of us who do limit searches/conventional discovery and happen across a trunk CC with no idea of what it is.
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