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How do you use your Dynamic Memory?

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Jan 9, 2005
Unincorporated Arapahoe
What philosphy or structure do you use for your dynamic memory?

This is how I structure it:

Each system is a collection of counties (as groups).
Northwestern NJ is a system and has the following groups:
1 Mount Olive (my home town)
2 Western Morris County
3 Sussex County
4 Warren County
5 Eastern Morris County

These are the counties that I generally hear pretty well when I'm around town.

If I travel east, I have another system, Northeastern NJ. Same scheme with the counties.

If there is a system that I can hear all over, like the NJSP trunked system then that has it's own system.

I arrange the systems by states or regions. 0-10 New Jersey, 11-20 Pennsylvania..etc. Some overlap, so it's not exact.
I have one bank that has just about everything I can hear from my house. This I just call the "Scanning System".. if I hear an incident I will then go to the specific system/group.

Here is a wishlist item. I wish that a TRS system could be a group, not just a system. Then I could really group counties by system. Some counties will have a TRS for mutual aid (like Morris County, NJ).

As it is, I could give them the same quick key number, but then I can't close one of the systems.

I don't know all the tricks on the 996, so not sure if I'm missing something.
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