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How to decode an less knowed Multi Channel Signal?

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Jul 13, 2013
I think its not possible to do it in windows so maybe in linux mit GNU Radio?

There is some Multi Cell "Analogue" Signal who work with a Carrier Freq.
For the different status the Signal change and the Receiving Client know what happen.

The Client use the same Channel -X Mhz for the Up Channel.

There is some official documentation who cost a lot of Money and there is a Software who work but only for one Channel and that sucks a lot.

So does anyone have a idea how I can make my own Decoder for if there isnt any?
There are some small burst who contains Text that will be a little tricky i know.
Apr 8, 2005
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If this is related to monitoring cellular communications then you're not going to have much luck getting help as that's against the law - whatever country you're in will pretty much be guaranteed to have such laws in place, at least.

And if you're talking about monitoring some spread-spectrum communications (not specifically cellular carrier related) then good luck with that as well as I've never come across anything that could do it that's publicly available as in some open source or freely available software.


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You've asked the this question multiple times already and you complain when people make suggestions.

I suggest you either take the advice already given to you or find another website where the members might have an alternate suggestion for you.
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