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I need help with getting started

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Dec 4, 2016
Hi there. I need help with everything. I want to listen to my local police station in chatham kent ontario. There are talk groups, and I want to be able to hear what goes on between cars and stuff going on in my neighborhood. This here is the link I found that has the talk groups. Thames Communications (Chatham) Trunking System, Chatham, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies
I'm not sure about how to go about this. Also, here is this link, it has a frequency for the station, I'm not sure what any of the other things mean. Chatham-Kent County, Ontario (ON) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
I need to know what I'll need to be able to listen to them.
I'm not sure if it is the frequency I need to listen to or if it's a talk group I need to tune into.
Thanks in advance, Doug
Dec 1, 2016
I looked at the frequencies and it looks like your going to have to get a police scanner, as most small, cheap handhelds will not get to those frequencies. Just do a search for police scanners, maybe from Amazon, and make sure the scanner you are looking at covers the frequencies on the list. You shouldn't need to worry about "tone" and the other specs as you won't be "transmitting" on those frequencies. They make plug in scanners for the home, handheld scanners and mobile scanners for your car. Have fun and let us know how it goes.
Sep 19, 2002
Toronto, Ontario
Please ignore Ziggy's advice. For CKPS, you'll need either a Uniden scanner with the ProVoice upgrade (the most expensive route) or a real ProVoice radio or a DVB-T dongle feeding Unitrunker/DSD+ (the cheapest solution)
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