IC-F4/S questions: frequency range, programming, et cetera

Jun 14, 2015
Walker County, TX
I was given a pair of IC-F4/S hand-helds (440-470 mhz range, according to the manual) and need to program them.

I have the software already, but I really don't want to have to buy another cable or build another interface just for these two radios. I have several other Kenwoods and more than a handful of Motorola models, and would prefer to add another cable onto the KPG-22/4 board I already have built; if I understand the schematics correctly for the interface for these, it should just be TTL input/output wired to a TRS plug, but can anyone else confirm this assumption or provide insight?
Mar 15, 2010
Just FYI, you can buy a china knockoff cable online for a whopping $8.90 with free shipping. I have some and they work fine.

I've thought about building some cables before myself, but after a google search and the cheap china ones available for next to nothing and the limited use, I've been happy with them.