Inactive Systems

Dec 19, 2002
High Point NC
I read recently that the database coordinator for Tennessee has started a cleanup of the database for that state. I decided that I would take a look at the listings for my area and the areas that I frequent in NC to see if any corrections needed to be made and I started submitting some updates earlier today.

Can anyone confirm the following trunked systems are still active in the state? Maybe plug them in for a listen:

Skidtronics Motorola in Goldsboro, I've never heard anything when passing through.
Kane Realty LTR in Raleigh, I believe they may be DMR now.
Dunn Public Safety EDACS in Harnett County, PD is on VIPER, never heard a CC when passing through.
FCI 900 in Wayne County, never heard when in the area.
Lumbee River EMC LTR in Laurinburg, I believe they are either DMR or NXDN now.
Piedmont EMC Motorola in Orange County, I believe they are DMR now.
Phillip Morris LTR in Concord, the plant has been closed for awhile.
Any of the LTR systems in the Asheville area, One is possibly Passport but can't remember which.

Besides the above systems, I think it would be a good idea for those of us on here to take a look at our own areas to see if any corrections need to made. As someone else has mentioned, the database is dependent (and those who use Zip Code based scanning) on the submissions that all of us make to it and I would hate to think that some are trying to scan things that are no longer there.