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Oct 6, 2017

I've been tasked with doing some development using the KAS10 KML output as a data feed (similar to the Google Earth integration) and it's going reasonably well, but there is a bit of a kerfuffle in getting hold of some specs and/or access to the relevant servers to extract some sample data to extrapolate from.

Does anybody have any guidance where specs can be found for the KAS10 KML output please? Alternatively, is there some sample data showing a range of actions/activities/behaviours that they would be willing to share please? Positions etc zeroed out for anonymity if desired is fine - I'm more interested in the format and the fields available than the actual content.

Of particular interest is whether KAS10 includes only identifiers and positioning data, or does it also include any other useful data messages too (e.g. power on/off, sos alarms, text/status messages, etc)?

Also I get the impression that the output file is a continuously updated "point-in-time" data, where not monitoring/refreshing the file frequently enough might lead to missing (not "seeing") data. Is this actually the case, or might there be some logs that can be accessed?

Happy to consider data feeds other than KAS10 KML output if given a recommendation or two.

Assuming this goes anywhere, I'm happy to share progress back to the community of course :)



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Jul 14, 2002
Really, the KML is parsed local to the hard drive (folder you chose to send it to), other than that, the
hard code for it you may have to look into the Google earth documentation of how to parse it into KML.

I don't see anything of use for you from the manual on KAS-10, it's pretty much data comes into the program, and it jets lined to the info, and when the icon is updated, it is pushed out through the kml .dll thread that is in the program language of kas-10.

No real documentation on the program that I can get my hands on from Kenwood, I can ask, but doubt I will get anywhere with the request.