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Lacey Twp DB Info Questions

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Nov 17, 2004
460.07500 WPQF819 RM 732 DPL DPW 3 DPW 3 (Local) FM Public Works
462.50000 WQBM281 RM 151.4 PL FD Pvt Co FD Private Co (Forked River Fire Co) FM Fire-Talk
Has anyone verified any activity on the above with the listed PLs/DPLs? I've been monitoring these since early this year and have not heard a single transmission on either. I live a few miles from Lacey and am able to pick up simplex transmissions on other frequencies from most parts of Lacey. Something odd I noticed is that the frequency and DPL for "DPW 3" is the same as what's listed for Wildwood DPW...

460.07500 WNVK259 RM 732 DPL Wldwd DPW DPW/Trash Collection FMN Public Works
Can anyone verify Wildwood DPW actually uses/used this? I find it odd that the two cities, even though they're pretty far apart, would use the same frequency and DPL. Additionally, do we know where those two Lacey submissions originated from? Thanks!
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