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Large Antenna Arrays

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Dec 19, 2002
Also.. since mast radiators can have a pretty high voltage against ground, they need to be well fenced in case some idiot decides to go for a climb.
Interesting. I didn't know they were voltage-fed. If it was a standard 1/4 wave groundplane style I always thought the high voltage region was at the top.

Also, the fact there are multiple towers allows the signal to be directed in a certain direction by adjusting the phase with which the towers are fed.


Jan 30, 2006
Mandalore system :|]
It's beside the national defense property. Not on it.

Also, what i like about this site, is you can click on the daytime, and night time radiation pattern, for those of you who are into am radio.

But like i said, if u can click on satellite view, zoom in, and u can see the antenna array on some of the maps.

some show 6 towers, some show 8,
I'm gona put this one to rest...It IS a DND (Department of National Defense) "back-up" radio installation. There are several sites like this all across Canada...and in the Golden Horseshoe. There is another one on the Toronto Island as well.
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