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LCD Med Codes

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Jan 6, 2004
Can anyone provide me with a current list of the alphanumeric codes LCD uses when dispatching EMS? For example: "Respond to 123 Fake Street for the 47 year old male, sick party. 26 Alpha 10."

I'm looking for the 26 Alpha 10 cross reference. I do have a list but it is old and not very useful as they seem to have added many new codes.

Thanks, and Happy Festivus.


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Aug 23, 2002
Without resurrecting that old thread... a few points to be made

Some references to what NAEMD approves... well, NAEMD is the same company that came up with the Priority Dispatch system (its their EMD/Fire/Police system).

Power Phone is a competitor that is based in Connecticut.

Medical codes are 1-32?, fire and EMS have sets above that 32 number.. I forget how high it goes.

Each center must get medical control to use the EMD system, and may be modify by medical control for response codes or other variables. IE, some 911 center's Bravo response may be a BLS ambulance lights and sirens, others no lights or sirens - and may be different between call types. So there is no right or wrong answer.

NAEMD (aka Priority Dispatch) seems to be the most popular and in my experience vastly better than Power Phone. If you looked at the cards (or software) between the two, you can easily see the differences for the better in NAEMD's favor.

Back in my 911 days, I was certified to the advanced level of the NAEMD. The certification book is the size of a college textbook.
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