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Le Mars, IA - Radio users prepare for change

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Narrowbanding only applies to land mobile bands between 150-512 MHz. Not "all VHF and UHF" or "all frequencies below 800 MHz.", as stated in the article.
These reporters should really get their facts straight before publishing information such as this. It could cause a lot of confusion.


Dec 19, 2002
They were probably fed some of the misleading info by the radio manufacturers, think of all the little farms, taxi companies and other business users who use two way radio scrambling thinking that they need to go to a P25 trunking system.

By this I mean that this is most likely just step one of the process of un-information, it wouldn't surprise me if when these poor radio users go to upgrade to narrow band radios that some unscrupulous radio salesperson will inform them that they really need to go digital.

Companies like Motorola and Harris are laughing all the way to the bank with all the misinformation knowing that all these users will be upgrading their equipment, after all why sell an unknowing customer a YUGO when you can get him to buy a Ferrari with a government, I mean tax payer, sponsored grant.
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