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LW NDB band skip?

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Feb 23, 2014
Spent about 90 minutes this morning (1000-1130Z) tuning the NDB band from my Michigan QTH. The band was OK but not exceptional. Managed to log 81 beacons, mostly Canadians... Ontario and Quebec. Farthest was PN 360 Port Menier QC just over 1000 mi to the NE which usually has a good signal in here day and night for some reason. To the NW, heard WG 248 Winnipeg MB about 800 mi out (thank you Canadians for all the NDBs :) ). Otherwise, US beacons mostly in nearby Ohio and Indiana, although did hear several in the Carolinas and got a couple in Iowa including ATNO for me EGQ 410 Emmetsburg IA.

The interesting thing was the four Florida beacons that really had good signals pounding in here. SQT 257 Melbourne FL was beating out MB here in Michigan on the same frequency. Also, FIS 332 Key West FL was as strong as local PH 332 Port Huron. PKZ 326 Pensacola FL and JA 344 Jacksonville FL both had nice signals. These beacons are nearly 1000 or more miles distant from me and the fact that they were all from the same state and all had big signals in here makes me think this was a skywave phenomenon. Sure looks like skip to me.
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