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Maintaining "Location" and "Range" ?

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Dec 15, 2004
Boston, MA

Working on getting my HomePatrol-1 functional again.

Questions, please:

In the Set Your Location Screen, I enter my zip code, and then
press Accept..

Then, when I go to one of my FAV lists:, I see Warning.
No channels matching selected service types are in range.
Change this Service Type...

But, when I press the "Location Button" on this screen that
showed up, and the press “Review Location”, I get:
“No Saved Location”

(also, the Enter Zip Code is blank, awaiting a new, presumably,
zip code to be entered)

Why ?

I pressed Accept when I first entered the zip code.
Shouldn’t it keep it even if unit turned On and Off and On again ?

The same question for RANGE.
If I set to the max on the slider, it reverts, after a turn off and turn on to
some setting in the middle.

Shouldn’t (both of) these be a “Global” setting, and maintained ?

What am I missing, as usual, please ?

Jun 20, 2007
Anne Arundel County, MD
Check to make sure your service types are active. I would switch to full database also in order to do this.

You should then set your zip code while full database is selected. You don't need to bother with zip code when using a favorites list.

Once you have done these things, you can try the favorites list.

If it has been a while, you might want to also update firmware to 2.06, and update the database.

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Apr 19, 2004
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When you enter a Zip code, the scanner immediately translates that into the latitude and longitude at the center of that zip code. It does not save the zip code itself. And, unless you use the "Save Location" function, the location is not saved.

As mentioned above, check service types. Also be sure that the databases you want to scan (main dB, favorites lists) are turned on for scanning.
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