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master doc or list ?

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May 14, 2013
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Hi again gang,

I was talking to someone else in a different topic about this and he suggested I re-port it here.
(I had it under newbies section)

I'm a new user too, and I have a question about the frequency list here in the database for Alberta
for the RCMP, since the database below appears to be for the whole province.

Has anyone ever seen a break down list or document showing what freq is used in what town,
is there a way to break it down by city or town other than searching by each town/city?

I did a search on the RR site but no luck ..... (grin) I have seen lots of post by Jay and others
asking about specific towns and it seems to be a popular topic.

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Jan 10, 2007
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When you use the database, under each area listed under Alberta will have listed what RCMP channels are in use in that area.

Eg: when you look up Camrose County it will show you what frequencies are in use in that area for all Emergency Services.

I hope this helps

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