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metro airports

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Jul 1, 2004
Hi, I apprecitate everyone's help and quick responces.I have one more
question. I using a bearcat 80 xlt by undien, every time I plug a airport
freq. it comes up error. Do I have to add a zero or something? Can't understand why it won't pick it up.

thxs for all you help,


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Dec 19, 2002
Upstate New York
The Uniden BC80-xlt does not receive the aircraft band. You need a scanner that covers 108-136 mhz, or at least 118-136 mhz am mode. Most, but as you now know, not all scanners cover this band. You need to check the specifications which are listed on most vendor websites as well as on the box. If you think you will get into seriously monitoring aircraft you might want to invest in a scanner that also covers the UHF airband used by the military.

Mark S
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