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More PRV on more Unidens ...

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Jan 3, 2005
Good to know, I have been looking for a good used or new P2 vs. a 536HP and now this will help with that decision.
It really will. As I've griped before, I've had many Unidens (even a couple Electras!) and the BCD436HP has been the most frustrating radio I've had by far. My BCD396T and XT and my BCD996XTs were a challenge at first (well, the 396T anyway) but once you got things in your head right they were great to operate. The 436, not so much. The radio and I have finally come to an agreement, and it's sure a lot more fun with PRV and DMR, but dangwhattapain.

The BCD325P2 doesn't look like the BCD396XT but my understanding is that it works the same. The 996s are virtually twins, of course, except the newer one does more DV modes and, I think, has a USB connection (not sure).
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