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Most Active Analog Trunked Systems in LA

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Sep 19, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
Hi. I'm relatively new to scanning. I listen in the Los Angeles area. I have a Uniden BCT15X scanner and love it. I have a number of conventional systems programmed and humming along including LASD, CHP, and LAFD. However, I'm having less success finding analog trunked systems with lots of activity to listen to. Can anyone name a few and the best times to listen? I have a standard back-of-the-unit antenna but plan on upgrading to something on the roof or in the attic. Thanks!
Feb 20, 2001
If you go to Los Angeles County in the database, at the very bottom of the page lists all the trunked systems in the county.

There is no guarantee one will be more active than another and what time of day. a public works system could be dead all day until a storm comes then it could be busier than most other systems. you would just have to pick a genre of communications you are interested in, public safety, business etc.
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