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Jul 22, 2002
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I see MWARA reports on the UDXF group at fairly frequently. However mother nature hasn't been very kind, and solar conditions just plain suck (in fact there is some thought that we are heading into an extended low period).

This means that the radio and antenna has to do more work. And you need to understand which frequencies to listen to when - they are not all active day or night, like in scanning. A good rule of thumb is above 10 Mhz during the day, below that at night. This website (you need your flash player to be on here) will give you the basics of why this is true

Propagation Primer - Flash Movie by AE4RV

The other side of this is the radio and antenna. What are you using - and is the antenna indoors or outside (which is far preferable)?

Dec 25, 2008
New Zealand
You have to remember that the MWARA control stations aren't interested in communicating around the world, only their local area. Even then they have problems with two stations in the same area wanting to use the same frequency. There's often problems here in the late afternoon with Auckland, Brisbane, Nadi and Honolulu all wanting to use 8867kHz, so they have to compromise and use 13261 and 17904 and occasionally 3467. I can often hear Tahiti on 13261 in the later afternoon too, so he (often she) gets into the mix as well.
...and as Mike says, propagation conditions at the moment are pretty poor.
May 10, 2016
Thanks to ALL who replied. I enjoy listening to air traffic comms typically those aircraft flying Westbound (from the UK to the United States) and also those aircraft flying from the US to the UK and further East.

Typically the HF frequencies from NAT-C (Routes between 47N and 64N) [Assignments to aircraft flying EASTBOUND or WESTBOUND tracks] seem to be the most active -- Gander Radio, Iceland Radio, Shanwick Radio which operate on 2872, 5649, 8879, 11336, 13306, 17946.

I'm only able to use an indoor antenna which is an AOR LA-400 Indoor Magnetic Loop and use that with my Icom IC-R8600. Surprisingly, I get very good results.