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My 996 in Mobile.

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Mar 26, 2007
Mobile AL
WOW! I love this scanner. It's taken me about a month to learn how to use it and I've just barely scratched the surface of what this scanner can do. I haven't even upgraded the firmware yet. Have it, just haven't had time to do it while setting this thing up.

I currently have over 1500 channels programmed in. City and County systems were first, then FM Broadcast stations were done. That took about 1 percent of the memory once I had all the talk groups split up the way I wanted. Then I took a big step.

I went to the FCC data base and pulled all the currently licensed stations from 150Mhz to 900 Mhz located in Mobile County. Sorted by freq and dumped the duplicates as well as the cell phone freqs and the trunk freqs for the city and county. Only kept the names and freqs: then uploaded all that into the scanner. Wow... Took up 10 percent of the scanners memory. Amazing.

Now I am sitting here at work and totally enjoying the massive amount of activity that I can hear. And the ride to and from work is never dull either!

Now I have a question for the listeners here in Mobile. Has anyone complied a list of CTS and DSC tones for various companys operating in Mobile? Would love to get a copy of it if you don't mind.

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