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My summer product

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Nov 23, 2007
upper peninsula , Michigan, town is calumet.
This is going to be my summer product. I'm going to pot up three new antennas. one for my bearcat BCD 99T scanner and one for my bearcat BC895XLT scanner. Then one for a realiste PRO-2023 scanner. I'm going to put up two new comet DS150 antenna fed with RG-6 coax cable. And one used hustler DCX antenna fed with RG-6 coax cable. These antennas will be put on top of a 36 foot tower. This tower will have a hinge plate base that i'm making at the shop i work at. The plate is 16"x16"x 1/2" thick. It will have four 7/8" round rods with 3" inchs of threads on one end. To bolt to the 1/2" inch plate and the rods will be 25" inch long. Than the rods will all be weld together. Then i will be putting them in a 20"x20" inch hole by 3 feet deep.Filled with concrete. That shuold be a good counter weight.Then i'm going to put a box on the tower for a disconnect. So all the antennas can be disconnect and connect right to a ground. So if the antennas get hit by lighting thay are grounded. Then i'm going to put two 5/8" inch by 8feet long ground rods.To ground evrythig. So if i forgotton somthing don't be shy let me know. I have a lot of time let to think abuot it because we still have 5 feet of snow on the ground. An it won't be gone tell the middle of may. I will post pictures of the product when i do it.
Not open for further replies.