NC Roll Call

Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Happy Holidays my fellow NC residents!

I know that some of the other state based forums have done this so I thought
why not us? It is time for the NC Roll call! Please check in with:

~Your Name (& ham callsign if you have one)
~Radios in your shack
~What do you monitor on a daily basis?

To make this easy to read for everyone please copy the list above and fill in with your info.
I will sticky this for awhile and see what type of response we get.
Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR

Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
I will start things off:

~Marshall KE4ZNR
~West Raleigh, Wake County.
~Everyday use radios: Certain unnamed Uniden Handheld, Radio Shack Pro 96/2096, Uniden BC246t, Yaesu VX-5r, Uniden BC895xlt, Radio Shack Pro 95, Radio Shack Pro2037, Uniden BC3000xlt, Uniden BC245xlt, Uniden BC235xlt (still going strong!), Lots of 10 channel VHF/UHF scanners that I can't remember exact model #s, Sangean ATS 909 for Shortwave.
~I monitor pretty much everything in Wake County and keep an ear on VIPER statewide. I also monitor Durham Communications (Durham County) while at my day job in Durham. I cover "DC to Daylight" but to give you an idea of what is on at the moment:
--2 scanners tuned to Raleigh PD UHF Dispatch (one in den, one in bedroom).
--2 scanners tuned to Raleigh/Wake County VHF Fire Dispatch. (one in den, one in bedroom).
--2 scanners tuned to Raleigh/Wake VHF EMS Dispatch. (one in den, one in bedroom).
--One scanner tuned to all analog VIPER talkgroups.
--One scanner tuned to Wake County digital Talkgroups.
--One scanner tuned to Various Viper digital talkgroups.
--One Weather Radio set to SAME alert for Central NC.
--Yaesu VX-5R tuned to Ham Radio repeaters & various VHF/UHF public safety.
And of course my girlfriend has one of my scanners as she also lives in Raleigh and likes to have Raleigh PD UHF dispatch as noise in the background.

Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR
Dec 19, 2002
Mooresville, NC
Present & Accounted For!

~Mooresville, Iredell County
~Radios: Uniden BC296D, Radio Shack Pro 528, Radio Shack Pro 91 w/tap (still trying to get that part put to use!), Motorola XTS 2500 (work/company radio)
~I monitor the Mooresville TRS and the local VIPER sites, in addition to the local fire, rescue, ems agencies on VHF and county or other local law enforcement on UHF.
Aug 24, 2008
Dennis KD8X
Concord, NC
Grecom PSR 600
Yaesu VX 7
Icom 706
I travel 600 miles daily between Charlotte and Harrisonburg, Va in an 18 wheeler so I monitor everything in these areas from Char/meck 800, Viper, Iredell Co and Mooresville 800 systems. Also VA P25 Stars system, Winston Salem 800, Greensboro 800, High Pt 800, Cabarrus and Rowan Co 800 systems. I have a couple of hundred Conventional frequencies programmed in covering every county EMS, Sherriff dept that I could find. My scanner doesn't get very much rest needless to say.


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Jun 29, 2003
Kinston NC
Lenoir County
2 -Pro 2055's -One in the truck and one in the house (a salvage job from E-Bay) that runs 24/7 on Lenoir Co./ Kinston/ Viper/ New Bern/ Greenville & Pitt Co.
1 -Pro 97 cloned to the 2055's for use in the car.
1 -PSR 500 for when I travel to areas where I need digital coverage.
Hope to have a PSR 600 soon.
1 -Uniden 760 XLT for monitoring the UHF ham linked repeater system as well as local 2 meter repeaters.
1 - Kenwood 733a for base operations.
1 - Kenwood V7A in the truck.
1- Kenwood G 707 in the car.
2- Kenwood THF6A Handhelds
2 Dell -L400 laptops for programming all radios and general use.


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Feb 5, 2006
Nashville, NC
Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County
Radio Shack:pRO163/PRO433/PRO97x2/PRO92
Icom:F 121 VHF
I monitor all of the area Public Safety frequencies to include: NC VIPER Statewide, Edgecombe, Nash, Pitt, Halifax, Wilson, Martin and Greene Counties. Rocky Mount, Sharpsburg, Nashville, Tarboro and Roanoke Rapids Police Departments.

I also monitor MilAir which is my favorite that inludes: Cherry Point, Seymour Johnson and Pope AFB. Also anything that happens to be flying overhead.

Before I retired from the Rocky Mount Police Department I used a Motorola XTS 2500 Portable and a Motorola MCS mobile, along with the Icom F 121 VHF for Inter-Agency Communication with Nash and Edgecombe Counties.


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Jun 10, 2006
Asheville area

Good evening everyone. name is Mike and I am in East Asheville. In the shack I have the following:

Motorola Spectra VHF A4.....for VHF HAM
Kenwood TS-120S HF
Radio Shack Pro-2055.....for VIPER
Radio Shack Pro-96......for VIPER
Radio Shack Pro-91.....for APD 800
Radio Shack Pro-90....for anything
Radio Shack Pro-97....for anything
Icom IC-F4TR......for UHF and GMRS
Motorola P1225 UHF.....for UHF HAM and GMRS

In my vehicle I have:

Yaesu FT-857D....have all HF hamsticks and a larsen dualband 2M/440
Motorola VHF remote mount spectra A5......hooked to Larsen VHF 5/8 wave
Radio Shack Pro-2055
Sirius satellite radio
Magellan GPS
Beltronics 995 RADAR detector

After tonight I will be buying and installing a Pro-197 for mobile use.


GROL commercial license holder
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May 10, 2003
Greensboro, NC
I live in Winston-Salem, drive a corporate Ranger FX4, and am a member of the Greensboro Amateur Society and Guilford County ARES.

The Ranger has:
1 Astro Spectra 800 W9 (corporate)
1 Spectra Hi-Power A9 VHF for fire and LE
1 Spectra Hi-Power A9 UHF for fire and LE
1 MaraTrac 42-50 low band A7 for things in the 42-50 MHz range, mostly NCSHP and the few remaining low band fire freqs
1 ICOM IC-208H for ham use, and no, it's not modified for "out of ham band ops."

The home has:
1 ICOM IC-V8000 LMR for things still VHF conventional. Yes, it's LMR
1 Yaesu FT-7800 (unmodified) for things amateur
1 Yaesu FT-857 (unmodified) for things amateur
1 venerable GE MASTR Progress Line Professional Series 4 channel 100 watt mobile on the local NCSHP channels (RX only, I sold the tubes for good money). Except for power failures in its early years and two moves, this old MASTR Pro receiver has been powered up continuously for almost 40 years. It and the other home radios are on a pair of blue top Optimas with a hot standby dual battery pulse/sampling intelligent charger/conditioner/power supply from a 330 watt MotherMoto Micor base station.

Portables include:
1 corporate XTS5000 800 MHz
1 personal JT1000 VHF
1 personal HT1250 UHF

"Antique" radios that still work and are listened to regularly besides the old GE include a MotherMoto Mocom 70 4 channel VHF with scan head. It was obtained at a county surplus auction about 16 years ago, and which was still in the original box, never installed or used. No, it's not for sale.

There are others, but they sorta come and go when somebody makes an offer I can't refuse.
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Jan 13, 2005

PSR 500 Wake/Viper
PRO 95 Analog Viper Talkgroups/ Conventional
PRO 35 Railroad/Aviation
PCR 1000 Weather Satellite/ Mil Air.
Motorola Minitor Fire/EMS Dispatch
Motorola CDM1250 2m Ham
Motorola PR400 440 Ham
Motorola GM300 2m APRS
Motorola GM300 2m Packet
Yaesu FT 101 HF
Mar 6, 2004
Indian Land, SC
~Bill, Call is N8CQD
~Matthews in Mecklenburg County
~BCT-15, BC-246, two BC-780s (one in the car), and a PRO-95 dedicated to NASCAR racing; amateur radios are Icom IC-715 for HF and a Kenwood TH-F6 HT for 2 and 440. Breaking News is I just got a PRO-106.
~Most monitoring is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public service agencies. Occasionally scan the ham repeaters.
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Mar 25, 2005
Mint Hill, NC
~Matthews, Mecklenburg County.
~BCT15 (For Home), BC246T (My workhorse. I always have with me), PRO-96 (any digital stuff),
Alinco DJX2000 (HF stuff)
~Charlotte-Mecklenburg public services and ham bands during severe weather season. Also monitor many online/streamed scanners.
Feb 4, 2005
Harnett county
Radio shack Pro 95 for Harnett count and analog viper tg's
Radio shack Pro 90 for Cumberland county used in car when in Cumberland county otherwise Ham and SHP
Radio shack Pro 2066 for cumberland county at home
Uniden Bearcat BC 860XLTfor Ham SHP also FRS GMRS and busness


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Jan 1, 2008
Wake Co. NC
●Chris KH2PM
●Wake Co NC (Holly Springs/Cary area)
●Kenwood TM-D710 for various VHF & UHF repeaters, and APRS weather using a Davis VPII. Antenna is a dual-band vertical in the attic.
Yaesu FT857D VHF/UHF/HF using a homebrew dipole in the attic
RS PRO-2004 scanner (w/ the typical mods) that I've owned since new, tapped to run UniTrunker on the VIPER 800mhz system, using a RS discone in the attic
Various HTs..two UHF Low ASTRO Motorola model 3 XTS-3000s, two EF-Johnson 5100 model 3 VHF P25, one EFJ model 1 UHF P25 5100.
The XTS-3000 is programmed with local UHF repeaters, local LEO repeaters, FRS/GMRS, Raleigh PD, MURS, etc and is the radio I use every day.
A Kenwood TH-F6 is my most often used handheld when I need something multi-band and pocket size.
Also on the shelf is my first $$$$ HT, a KW TH-78; an ICOM IC-T81, Yaesu VX-1R, Vertex VXA-700, KW TH-D7A, and an ICOM R3.
For scanning I mainly use a Uniden 396T, and a PRO-96 when mobile, monitoring various analog and digital VIPER agencies such as RDU airport LEO and CFR, Wake SO, RPD, SHP, and other local towns such as Fuquay and Apex. Also listen to Cary PD when I'm in the area. I also have a PRO-93, 2053, and Uniden 246T for analog monitoring.

A Kenwood TM-D700 is in my Avalanche, for mobile APRS and VHF/UHF repeaters.

When I'm 'on the road' flying, I do a lot of overnights in hotels at cities across the US. I always bring my Uniden 396, and with the programming cable and ARC396 it's a snap to load freqs and trunking systems.

Sometimes I'll bring the XTS or a 5100 to chat on P25 ham repeaters in other cities.

I mainly can be found on the Apex 442.075 repeater when I'm in town.

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Jan 18, 2005
Morganton, NC
John – KC4LLW
Morganton, Burke County
Radios: Uniden 20/20 and RS Pro-2096 in living room; Pro-2004 and Bearcat 101 in Computer room; Pro-2055 in each car; Pro-96 and BC 247T handhelds; Yaesu FT-2600 in each vehicle; Motorola HT1250 for Fire Dept work; Yaesu VX-150, VX1R, VX5R, VX-160; (plus a collection of about 80 various base, mobile and handheld scanners, two way and pagers at last count)
At home I monitor Burke Fire and EMS with the 20/20, Police, Sheriff, SHP and all Viper with the 2096.
On the road, I monitor pretty much the same, plus whatever area I’m traveling through, currently using the handheld Pro-96 for digital signals.
Been a scanner buff since I was 12. 22 years in Volunteer Fire, EMT, Rescue; also Civil Air Patrol. Past part time telecommunicator for Burke County, Dispatch Manager for Burke Search and Rescue Team.


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Jun 7, 2006
Rockwell (Rowan County), NC

Salisbury - Rowan County

Equipment - Pro96, Pro162, Pro137, & Midland SynTechII 8 channel VHF mobile

Monitor - Rowan/Salisbury 800 TRS, Cabarrus/Concord 800TRS, VIPER, surround counties VHF/UHF. Use my 8 channel Midland in my car to monitor VHF hooked to a black VHF 1/4 wave. Also have a cradle (old cell phone holder) in the car to sit my Pro96 in with a black 1/4 wave 800 antenna. Both antennas are mounted to the trunk lid. Yes I drilled holes, lol.


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Dec 19, 2002
Greensboro, NC
Name is Troy, AB4GUG (aka DixieT) in Greensboro

Been monitoring for over 50 years, listen to about anything that's out there.

VAN: GRE-500, GRE-600, Pro-96, Pro-2055, Pro-2096

SHACK: (2) BC-780's, (2) BC-785's, Pro-95, Pro-96, Pro-97, Pro-2053, (2) BC-895's, Pro-2005,
Pro-2006, ICOM-PSR-1000, ICOM R-7000, Kenwood R-5000, Kenwood TS-440-S, Kenwood 741,s.
ect. ect.

I'm an OLD retired FART, just marking time with a smile.

Best wishes to everyone for the holliday's
Apr 4, 2004

I am in Davie county.

HT1250 VHF -- fire,ems, and railroad(Davie,Iredell,Wilkes,Yadkin)

HT1250LS+ UHF(moded 128 ch)--- Davie,Iredell Sheriff and PD's and FRS,Air med

HT750 35-50 -- NCHP,DOT

CDM1550LS+ VHF 160ch --fire,ems, and railroad(Davie,Iredell,Wilkes,Yadkin)(TRUCK)

CDM1250 VHF base--fire,ems, and railroad(Davie,Iredell,Wilkes,Yadkin)

CDM1250 UHF base--Davie,Iredell Sheriff and PD's and FRS,Air med

Maxtrac 42-50 base--NCHP,DOT

GM300 VHF --- Railroad only

JT1000 VHF --- What ever I need at the time ! FPP

MT2000 VHF ---fire,ems, and railroad(Davie,Iredell,Wilkes,Yadkin)(back up)

HT1000 UHF -- back up

I have others but not in use at this time (MCX100 railroad,M1225 VHF/UHF , MTVA VHF)