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Need a new scanner.

Oct 30, 2008
London Ontario
I know that RR has a classifieds section listed for radios. But some of the feedback on sellers makes me weary to drop 500/600 American on a radio. There is no one posting from Canada. I am looking for a BCD436HP. There is one on Facebook market place and the guy has two ads. I questioned him about the ads and he says there were two radios. Sold one and now he has this one. Same price. And of course it's a 6 hour drive one way. So I don't want to have it shipped and get scammed. Anyone got one for sale let me know. So delete if not allowed but I don't know where else to post for one. Don't have my passport or else I would cross the border and buy a SDS100 tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
Dec 19, 2002
Amazon Canada is the way to go with the $550 CAD price point!!! It's $434 USD on Amazon USA. With the conversion rate of the Canadian peso you are getting a decent deal. I just bought my first scanner in Canada last week (SDS100). I got it on sale for $800 CAD. At $650 in the USA I actually got a better deal in Canada. I have owned many scanners over the years including my most recent acquisitions (Uniden 436 and 536 and Whistler TRX-1), all purchased in the USA last summer. When I bought them they were much less expensive stateside. I didn't want a used SDS100. I wanted a recent serial number new in box unit. After brief price shopping I got a good deal in Canada for the first time.