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Need help bad locating IC208H free programing software

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Nov 9, 2002
Prince George, Virginia--Central Va.
:confused: Here is my sad story. Several years ago I bought an IC208H transceiver on a closeout when AES was soon to close operations. Little did I realize the monster programing issue it was. I researched the internet and saw RT Systems had a $25 package but also read comments about it having its' own issues. I cannot remember where exactly but I found a free primitive software which actually worked. I used it to program each band A,B,C, and D with ham frequencies and in Band D with other vhf/uhf other frequencies of interest. It makes a great scanner as well as for vhf/uhf ham ops.

I never could master the band selections I wanted and 99% of the time corrupted something somewhere so I did not use the scanner much at all. Today I decided to add some frequencies I wished to add. To my surprise my previous installed software was gone. So no problem, I will reinstall it from one of my flash drive backups. Wrong..no backup files. As occasionally happens I have had to reinstall XP on some of my desktops and probably overwrote the software. I did find a process code which I was required to enter for activating the original primitive software used but it did not have the name of the software used.

I have spent most of the day searching the internet for any free primitive software with not much luck. I did find one called CHIRP which is popular for programing some of the Chinese radios and it also could be used to program the IC208H. I downloaded and installed it. Amazingly it did work almost perfectly with one exception. I cannot make any new direct entries in this case band D. I have 371 previous entries and want to add one for No. 372 which is blank. When number 372 is selected only the line highlights completely to reflect that line has been chosen.

Obviously I am not doing something(s) right. Can anyone help me how to make the edit option accept my add, change, delete entries? I correctly selected the ICOM IC208H file for CHIRP 2.24.10 for cloning a file which works fine. The transceiver files download and upload correctly and I can correctly save/save as and open a saved file with no problem.

Absent any help can anyone provide me a website link for downloading any similar free primitive software for the IC208H that works?

Presently, I am in a 911 "dead in the water" situation. Any help will be appreciated.

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