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Win500: need help understanding p25 programation

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May 25, 2011
need help about p25 and trunking programation i live in NB canada the province juste turn to p25 phase 1 in my region i did find some info on radio reference about the new frequencies but i dont understand the programations thx to anyone ...i have psr 500 but not working properly i will buy a new one whatever it takes
Aug 26, 2006
Vancouver BC
First off you need to know what control channels you can hear from your listening area
so search between say 768-773 MHZ and listen for control channel noise (others describe it as machine gun sound) ,strong carrier/or weak depending on area, make note of that,
than you need to see what other freqs are associated to that using this:Maritime Public Safety Radio Network (MPSRN) Trunking System, Various, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies
than you need to input them in your software as a new p25 trunk (your handheld will do this) than scan search one bank at a time till you hear traffic.
Put them in a seperate bank each control channel you find, could only be one depending on your location ,than listen , Good luck , consider this as well as required reading for your scanner
Easier to Read Pro-651/652/106/197 - WS1040/1065 - PSR 500/600 Digital Scanner Manual
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