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New Default Wiki Skin Released

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Dec 9, 2000
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A new skin was released for the RadioReference.com Wiki Reference. This should complete most of the work to make the three main components of the site have a uniform look.

If you are not familiar with the Wiki Reference, it is an open editable reference source for all things RadioReference. Enjoy!
Dec 13, 2003
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New WiKi "skin", LOL!

Kewl, very Kewl on the new WiKi "skin". It's organized, crisp, AND colorful. I've seen this done this way on a lot of LINUX websites, Hi Hi! I'm not that much of a WINDOE$ graphics person, but I won't get into THAT, LOL!

Now, if we could get the F.C.C. webmaster to, uhhhh, "take a hint", it sure would make finding things easier there as well, he he.

Great job and many thanks to those who's hard work is apparent.

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