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TRX-2: New easier to push keypad

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Sep 8, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
Will there be a new keypad rubber/bubble plastic part soon available to replace the current one?

I noticed the keypad in my TRX-2 where version 4 so perhaps there is a version 5 comming out soon?
My keypad where extreamly tough to use as I needed two hands, one to hold the back of the scanner and the other to operate the buttons. I can hear and feel the "click" when I push a button but nothing happens until I push further down and actually make contact.

A took apart the front panel and put a thin plastic foil between the rubber buttons and the plastic bubble film and that made the buttons easier to push. Maybe it was just the refitting that was neccesary to do.

I then rolled small balls of transparent tape and flattened them before inserting them between the rubber button and the bubble film. I did this to menu and sel buttons, the two I use the most, and that made them so easy to push, using one hand, that the scanner doesn't move on it's rubber feets that I have attached to the bottom side.

The keypad still has the click-before-engage syndrome but that is a flaw of the bubble film and can't easily be fixed, with less than replacing the bubble film.

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