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new MS-DMT version available

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Jul 22, 2002
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From 'alesigint' on the UDXF group - copied verbatim
An update to the developing MS-DMT software has been posted at

MARS-ALE Technical Forum MS-DMT file support site

Videos of using it for monitoring with both internal and external terminals for HEX display of the data stream have been provided at the support site


There too a native 64 bit version that is under development has been provided that works for receiving needs.

MS-DMT currently provides MS110A and S4415 with S4285 in development and other standards planned.

Notice that it copies MS110A (which is what the upcoming Armed Forces Day digital use will be). Should be interesting to watch (and this is all unencrypted stuff, of course)

Here's what the Armed Forces Day xsmn will be using


As for the 2 STANAG modes he mentions;




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