New Release - NX-P500 Protalk NXDN


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Jul 14, 2002
JVCKENWOOD announces the introduction of a groundbreaking Pro-
Talk design, the new NX-P500 Digital portable radio. The NX-P500 is a
sub-compact and rugged portable engineered with advanced function
and performance on a comfortable to carry/use platform.
The NX-P500 is the first IP67 immersion certified ProTalk radio; it meets
MIL STD 810 and will operate in analog or digital (NXDN) mode, providing
a smooth migration from analog to digital operation.
NX-P500 designers have elevated the user experience with multi-color/
function LED indications and a unique secondary PTT button that can be
used for priority communications. Finalized with best in class Kenwood
audio, the NX-P500 delivers crisp, clear audio for effective communications
at noisy job sites.

The NX-P500’s enhanced functions, digital capabilities and remarkably low user price are the perfect
solution to improve work efficiency in job site and industrial use cases.

Key Features
• Dual Mode NXDN Digital & FM Analog
• IP67 Certified-Dust & Immersion / MILSTD-
• 2 Watt Transmit Power
• Small (1.97” W x 3.70” H x 1.07” D) & Lightweight
(5.6 oz)
• Li-Ion battery with over 15 Hours (w/
Save On) Talk Time (5/5/90 duty cycle)
• Loud 750 mW Speaker
• High Bright LCD Display
• 7-color LED Indicator
• 6 Channel Operation (Factory pre-set)
• 99 User-Programmable Memory Bank
• Individual Call / Group Call
• Second PTT for Priority Transmission
• Channel Scan
• Digital Scrambling (NXDN)
• Repeater Mode
• Wireless Cloning
• Companding
• FleetSync
• LCD Battery Meter & Low Battery Alert
• VOX (Voice-activated transmit) Time Out
• Radio Function Programming Software

JVCKENWOOD expands the popular ProTalk® BRS product line with the new dual-mode NX-P500 digital portable, capable of NXDN® and analog operation. The 2-Watt portable has renowned KENWOOD audio, digital AMBE+2 for excellent voice quality and enhanced coverage and a powerful 750 mW speaker, assuring crisp, clear voice communications, even in noisy environments. A second PTT lets users toggle between analog and digital operation in the same radio. This allows users to migrate at their own pace, with one radio at a time, a work group or their entire fleet of radios. A large, bright, back lit 8 segment display and the unique 7-LED status indicator make at-a-glance visual checks much easier. The NX-P500 is designed for heavy industrial use, built to meet military specs for durability and the IP67 standard for dust and water immersion.

"For the first time, digital has been made affordable. The NX-P500 has features that match or exceed other mid-to-high tier digital radios on the market, yet it’s priced comparably to mid-tier analog portables.," said Randy Fletcher, National Sales Manager, Business Radio. "Analog is no longer good enough for the day-to-day demands of hospitality, healthcare, retail, construction and manufacturing users who need the security, flexibility and improved coverage of digital radios. Those users now have a high quality, and affordable, digital alternative."

JVCKENWOOD Corp. manufactures analog and digital two-way radios, including P25 compliant and NEXEDGE radios that use the NXDN protocol. Kenwood provides complete turnkey system solutions for the utility, public safety, government, education, healthcare, and business and industrial markets. For detailed information, visit us at
Jun 18, 2013
Nice size and good features with NXDN digital and capable of being programmed on business channels & repeaters - will make it a great radio except that it looks too much like a $29.95 Family Service Radio but the list is 9 X that. Also don't like that stiff antenna that breaks easily and doesn't screw in.
Jul 12, 2008
Cobb County, GA Stadium Crime Zone
I can see these being a hit at places like elementary schools where low cost radios are a go-to. These do NXDN and support at least some basic encryption. Looks like a great product for the entry level/job site radio market to bring them into NXDN, no more static crashes and with encryption, no more worries about Baoturd bandits getting on one's channels and making cat calls.

The free KPG is a selling point too.