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New StarCom21 Files for ARC and UASD 996

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
CARMA has updated the programming files for the StarCom21 system in both UASD and ARC996 formats. There are 3 files in each format, North, South and Center, matching the 3 Zones on the System.

Due to the limit of 250 TGID's per System only those TGIDs that have been positively identified have been included, and only the TGIDs normall used in a Zone are included. That means that while it is possible to hear District 22 from the Chicago area if a system radio is set to it, the TGID will only show up in the South Zone with an alpha tag, otherwise it will only display the number.

Combined with the updated StarCom21 Profile users of the 996 can pretty much just copy the file into the radio and enjoy.

The files include the GPS data, so if you have a GPS attached to the 996 your radio will turn on and off the Sites automatically.

These files as well as the rest of the CARMA Profiles are available at http://www.carmachicago.com/profiles
Not open for further replies.