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Newbie just trying to listen to ANYTHING!

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Nov 28, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT
I posted earlier this week in the Radio Shack forum, and had some great answers. I am just hoping that someone here locally can help me out. I have a PRO-2053 and can't seem to hear much of anything. I've never programmed my scanner myself, (I've always just paid the guys at Radio Shack.) but am willing to learn. I'm not asking for much, maybe just to hear some local police/fire departments. I know this is a lot to ask, and I don't blame any of you for just ignoring this post and moving on to the next! I'm even willing to pay someone to help program my scanner.....any ideas?


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Oct 17, 2002
Bountiful, UT
There are alot of non-trunk frqs in use in the SL valley. Here are a few you can program into your radio to get you started. You an also check out the aircraft and RailRoad Freqs. We have a lot of Aircraft and train traffic in the area. As you've found out, your radio is not "Re-Band" capable, BUT, you still can hear "most" of the Salt Lake traffic on UCAN, and all of the traffic on the Salt Lake City system. Take a look thru the Utah database Utah Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference, and see what your interested in.

154.3850 TG 21216 UCAN-Simo FD/EMS Disp
154.2350 TG 21216 VECC EMS-1 Page-out
151.3100 TG 430008 Utah Co FD/EMS (Lehi comms)
154.8600 TG 46112 Utah Co SO North
155.6100 TG 48000 Utah LES-Lewis Pk, Summit Disp/UHP
155.7900 TG 6016 Utah LES-Little Mnt, Weber Disp
153.8750 TG 8864 N Davis Co/Clrfld FD Disp
153.9050 TG 9408 N Davis Co FD/EMS Page-out
155.6400 TG 9952 Davis Co SO Service Channel
151.1300 Antelope Island Trail Ops
153.9650 Bountiful City
461.1750 Gold Cross Ambulance F-2
453.2250 Granite School Dist Xportation
460.5000 InterMountain Health Ch-1 Disp
463.1000 InterMountain Health Ch-2 HEAR-05-/Altaview Hosp
463.0250 InterMountain Health Ch-4 HEAR-02/LDS Hosp Maint
463.0750 InterMountain Health Ch-5 cleaning tm/plumber maint HEAR-04
463.1250 InterMountain Health Ch-6 HEAR-06-/LDS Hosp PD-10
464.8750 Jordan School Dist-Bus Disp
455.5125 KNRS-570 remote mike
455.8000 KOZY 106.5 FM remote mike
856.4375 Murray PD F1 Disp
461.7000 Pioneer Valley Hospital Maint
154.0100 Pleasant Grove FD/EMS Page-out
153.5600 Rocky Mt Power
153.6200 Rocky Mt Power KOA464
452.3250 Rocky Mt Power-Pacificorp KOA464/WFV737
464.5500 SL Co ARES-Special events use
151.3250 SL Co SO East
458.2000 SLC FD Disp
453.7250 SLC Housing Auth
463.5000 SLC School Dist
155.9400 South Davis Co Public Works
155.4600 UHP Car to Car
155.7500 UHP Car to Car Ch-3
151.0850 UHP Salt Lake Disp
155.2500 UHP SL Service
460.1250 UHP Statewide
154.2200 Unified Fire TAC-05
154.3550 Unified Fire TAC-09 (page out)
154.6800 Utah LES-Antlp Is/ Davis Co SO C-C
154.8000 Utah LES-Bovine Pk, BECC-210.7 / Dunn Pk, BECC-
154.9200 Utah LES-Cedar Mountain, Price Disp
155.5800 Utah LES-Ensign Pk, SL Co TOC
153.5000 Utah Power & Light
151.4150 Utah SRS (State Repeater System)
151.2800 Utah SRS-Frisco Pk, Cedar/Little Mtn,( Weber SO)
151.0850 Utah SRS-Lake Mnt-1 TOC, /Salina Cnyn, Richfield Disp Sevier Co
151.0400 Utah SRS-Lewis Pk, Summit Disp
151.0250 Utah SRS-White Pine, Richfield Disp Seveir Co

If you still need/want help, it might be time for another monthly group meeting.


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Feb 22, 2006
Price, Utah
Welcome kapalua! Newbie's Welcome lol. I try to listen to everything when the scanners work decent.


May 6, 2007
Layton, Utah
What are you interested in Exactly...

Many of us in the wasatch front area can assist... Just tell us what you want to listen to then, stand-bye for a reply.... I monitor from box elder to utah/tooele counties from my shack, using discone and yagi beams.


Nov 27, 2009
West Valley City, Utah
Question on Freq's

Do you know if Aircraft, tower, approach, ground etc. (Salt Lake International) use a trunk system or are they strictly assigned freq's? Also, the freq for UTA Bus's is 453.75 (SL), 453.7 (Ogden). I have not been able to hear anything on the SL Bus freq. Also freq's for TRAX and Front Runner? Are any of them on a trunked system?
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