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Newbie programming/listening question

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Feb 5, 2011
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I just purchased a Whislter WS1040. I upgraded my RR account and have access to databases. I am using WIN500 for my programming software. I used web import. I thought I selected the areas I wanted to listen to in Alameda County (EBRCS). I selected all sites, but only talkgroups for Hayward PD (that's all I'm interested in right now) I uploaded to my scanner. I see the alpha numeric name (Police Dispatch), but I hear nothing - on any of the different talkgroups i scroll through.

I also tested using Hayward Fire. Still able to stream via internet the fire channel. I am hearing activity on fire channel on the internet, but not on the scanner.

Also, once I've uploaded all the talkgroups I want to listen to, will the scanner automatically scan for activity, or can I only listen to 1 talkgroup or channel(object) at a time? I know I need to work a bit more on terminology, so hoping this all makes sense.

Thank you.


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Jul 22, 2002
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I rather doubt that selecting all sites is an answer, nor could you likely hear all of them with just a little duckie in any case. In fact, you more likely would want to use the site that is physically closest to you. However this depends on whether all talkgroups are echoed to all sites (simulcasted) or they are zoned dependent on which tower is covering that particular area.

A little study of your system in our California forum is in order here, in order to learn how the system is managed and directed. With such knowledge, you can program much more effectively and efficiently.

As to how to actually program this radio, we have an extensive series of wiki links and articles that can help, starting here...(links are always blue)

Getting Started with your GRE/RS Object Oriented Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki

As shown in the accompanying chart on this article, your WS1040 is really a rebadged GRE PSR-500. So note that anything written about that scanner is likely to apply to your 1040 as well

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