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OP-25 display question

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Jun 6, 2007
After starting the scope.py program, in the APCO 25 Receiver window it displays the System, Talkgroup, and Frequency at the bottom left-side of the window. Is there a way to swap the location of the Talkgroup and Frequency names and values? As it is, for long talkgroup names it runs into part of the Lockout button making it difficult to read. Swapping these two values would allow long talkgroup names to fit easily between the Fine Tune label and the Fine Tune slider. I've looked through various files but couldn't find where the placement in the window of these two names and values are defined.


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Jun 29, 2013
AFAIK there are no configuration file-type options which would easily facilitate this type of change. However if you're somewhat familiar with python (and wxPython) can you definitely change/modify the layout of the wxPython GUI objects. Using this scope.py file as a reference, at approx. lines 584-667 you will see several wxPython BoxSizer's, forms etc containing the objects pertinent to your inquiry, you *just* need to alter their layout and relative positioning. However you need to be somewhat familiar with wxPython to accomplish this, I had to spend a fair bit of time learning about it myself to figure it out.
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