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OWS attempt to shut down NYC (Nov 17, 11)

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Oct 5, 2011
New York City - The Big Apple
Now that RR has gotten the scanner rebroadcast of Citywide 1 temporary turned off, here is what both the OWS and the anarchists who are in in NYC are NOT listening too:

-Locations of the 'arrest teams'
-Cell phone numbers of high ranking officials
-Locations of buses to hold arrestes
-Location of the [relocating] mobile command centers
-The emergency movement of an "entire field force" for an emergency
-The almost panic-like moments of the cops shouting on the radio as they deal with hot situations
-The most important, is the bodies (groups) of anarchists, can no longer learn which direction their own groups are moving.

and this just started. They claim to "shut down" parts of the city. This does not look like it will end well.

1.Live video: The Other 99, Ustream.TV: -Twitter- @TheOther99 @Iwilloccupy This channel is being maintained by The Other 99. We continue to be a primary source from ...
2. Also, becuse FOX is in NYC, they seem to be covering it more.
3. Their poster about today: Poster for N17 Mass Direct Action: Print and Post Freely! | OccupyWallSt.org
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