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Police codes

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Dec 24, 2004
Emporia, KS
I need the police code listings for the Huntsville and Scottsboro areas for my mom. I don't live in AL but mom moved there awhile back so i'm helping her in the radio department. ;)
Eric Burris
Mar 17, 2008
These are North Alabama 10 codes but not the Huntsville codes, They use their on codes and I will post them in another thread asap.

10-00--Given as "double zero". Officer needs
all possible assistance.
10-0---Use caution. Details not known.
10-1---Unable to copy-change location.
10-2---Signal good
10-3---Stop transmitting
10-4---Acknowledgment (OK)
10-5---Relay (J1-Personal; J2-Property; J3-
Prisoner; J-4-Papers)
10-6---Busy-Unless urgent
10-7---Out of service. Not subject to call.
10-8---In service
10-10--Out of service. Subject to call.
10-11--Remain in service
10-12--Stand by (Stop). Remain alert for
further details.
10-13--Weather & road conditions.
10-14--Correct time
10-15--Have in possession (J1-Personal; J2-
Property; J3-Prisoner; J4-Papers)
10-16--Pick up (J1-Personal; J2-Property;
J3-Prisoner; J4-Papers)
10-17--Urgent-Rush present detail.
10-18--Any traffic for this unit or station?
10-19--No traffic for your unit or station.
10-21--Call . . . . by telephone.
10-22--Report in person to . . . .
10-23--Arrived at scene
10-24--Assignment completed
10-25--Disregard last info or assignment.
10-26--Detaining person or vehicle. (Expedite)
10-27--Drivers license information
10-28--Vehicle registration information
10-29--Check for wanted
10-30--Illegal use of radio
10-31--Hit & Run (J1-Personal; J2-Property)
10-32--Man with gun
10-33--EMERGENCY-Maximum priority
All units & stations not involved
maintain radio silence.
10-34--Tower lights
10-35--Major crime alert
10-36--Urgent-Use light & siren
10-37--Urgent-Silent run
10-38--Investigate suspicious vehicle. (J1-
Occupied; J2-Unoccupied)
10-39--Stopping suspicious vehicle
10-40--Stolen vehicle
10-41--Beginning tour of duty
10-42--Ending tour of duty
10-43--Complete present assignment quickly
10-44--Permission to leave patrol area
10-45--Off day
10-46--Assist motorist
10-47--Emergency road repairs needed
10-48--Need assistance. (NOT 00 or 10-33)
10-49--Traffic light out
10-50--Accident. (F-Fatal; PI-Personal Injury;
PD-Property Damage; S-State V
10-51--Wrecker needed
10-52--Ambulance needed
10-53--Road blocked
10-54--Livestock on highway. (J1-Live stock;
10-55--Intoxicated driver
10-56--Intoxicated pedestrian
10-57--Crime in progress
10-58--Direct traffic
10-59--Convoy or escort
10-60--Attempt to contact
10-61--Return to . . . . .
10-62--Reply to message
10-63--Prepare to make written copy
10-64--Message for local delivery
10-65--Radio log number
10-66--Message, dispatch, or assignment
10-67--Prowler report
10-68--Dispatch information
10-69--Car to car clearance
10-70--Fire alarm. (F-Forest; H-house;
10-71--Report progress on fire
10-72--Meet complainant
10-73--Supervisor needed
10-74--Intoximeter operator needed
10-75--Photographer needed
10-76--Investigator needed
10-77--Narcotics agent needed
10-78--Notify coroner
10-79--In contact with . . . . .
10-80--D.C.G. (Disaster Control Group)
10-81--Squad in vicinity
10-82--Reserve lodging
10-83--Cancel reservations
10-84--En route
10-85--Will be late
10-86--Missing person
10-87--E.T.A. (Estimated Time of Arrival)
10-88--Present telephone number of . . . . .
10-89--Dead person
10-91--Unnecessary use of radio
10-93--Blockade (Road block)
10-94--Drag racing
10-95--Reckless driving
10-96--Mental person
10-97--Civil disturbance. (A-Racial; B-
Teenagers; C-Crowd Gathering;
10-98--Prison or jail break
10-99--Records indicate wanted or stolen.
(A-Felony; B-Misdemeanor)
10-100-Hot pursuit
10-100A--Attempting to outrun patrol car
Dec 19, 2002
Huntsville, AL
RE:Huntsville 10 Codes

Attached is a list of the 10 codes for:
Huntsville Police Department
Madison County Sheriff Department
Madison Police Department
AL State Troopers

I haven't reformatted these, lately.
Let me know if you need them in a combined format or in a different document format.

Hope these Help.

N_Alscan Yahoo Group Moderator


Dec 24, 2007
Here is Huntsville Fire best I can tell. Maybe someone can check these and add them to a .pdf with the rest of the Huntsville area codes and post it here.

10-1 Receiving poorly
10-2 Receiving well
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Acknowledge/Okay
10-7 Out of service (give location)
10-8 In service
10-10 Out of service (subject to call)
10-12 No smoke or flame visible (will be checking)
10-15 Flame visible (define activity)
10-17 Flame visible (laying supply line)
10-19 Return to station
10-23 Stand by
10-24 No help needed
10-37 Fire fatality at location
10-38 Request investigators
10-97 Arrived at scene
10-98 Finished with last assignment

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