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PRO-197 losing objects

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Jul 22, 2014
Barnhart, MO
Hey, gang! My first post!

My scanner keeps losing objects, MOSWIN in particular. I've got it programmed into scan list 10. I've got conventional objects programmed into scan list 1,3,4,6, 15, & 16. I've got Ameren's trunk system in one list (I don't have the list in front of me) but that's about it. Nothing really outstanding.

I've got my working memory configuration stored in folder V-00.

I leave the scanner on all night, just turning the volume down when wifey and I hunker down for bed time. When we get up MOSWIN has disappeared. I can tell it's gone because I don't see the system name flash by as the scanner does its thing. Scan list 10 is still enabled but MOSWSIN doesn't show up as an object being scanned.

If I plug in the laptop and fire up win500 and take a look at the scanner MOSWIN is just gone. Not disabled, not blocked, not anything but just gone.

I reload folder V-00 and it's back up and running until it disappears again.

Any ideas?
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