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Pro-2096 Help

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Jul 8, 2005
I bought a Pro-2096 from a guy off of the RR
and the radio does not seem to work.Over the last week i have tried everything.Last night i reset the radio
and it would not reset,that little hole on the back
The USB program cable does not seem to work as well.
I have winxp and have reloaded the driver 10 times.
Im using both Win96 and ARC96
When i plug the cable into the radio the only option is for the radio to send and its stuck in the clone mode.
The only bank that responds is bank 10 I put in the control freq. and alt.control freq for Anoka Co.,MN
Right now on bank 10 im monitoring anoka co.dispatch north.
All 10 banks are locked out plus sings all the way across
I have Anoka co.in the manual mode right now after reprogramming the control freq.
I cannot navigate to any other bank
When i got the radio it was programmed for California systems.
I used to own 4 of these and could program this radio in my sleep
Im stumped!
Did i get a broken radio?
My finicial situation is bad,im disabled and terminally ill,living in a assisted living with only a $89.00 monthly allowance and after my internet i only have $28.00 to work with.
If anyone can help me with this radio maybe im doing something wrong?
Thank you to any helpers on this,


Silent Key Jan. 14, 2012
May 11, 2002
Eclipse, Virginia
Download this Anoke CO .p96.txt file. then remove.txt.
Then open in Win96.
00 has AMRER Anoke CO talkgroups
01 has Anoke CO CONV freqs.

ARMER has rebanded so I used all freqs rather than CC's and ACC's.

Possibly to correct your current setup in Win500, open the bank with ARMER system, Click the bullet next to Multi table under MOT 9600 CC section which will ungray the Extended Tables bar. Click this bar and select the bullet next to 800 MHz Rebanded. Not the change as you change the bullet.
Save file then resend to scanner. Scanner will mode CLONE will change when you send new data.


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