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Problem Programming Richmond/San Pablo EDACS

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Feb 2, 2012
Richmond, CA
I'm a relatively new user, with a PRO-106 scanner, using the ARC-500 software to download data from radioreference.com.

I am having problems picking up the Richmond/San Pablo EDACS public safety system. I live in Richmond, and downloaded the data from radioreference.com for the Richmond/San Pablo EDACS, but am only picking up a small number of transmissions from the Richmond Police, etc. I know this because, when I listen to the audio from radioreference there are a lot more transmissions than my scanner is picking up (it is mostly silent). I originally downloaded the Richmond/San Pablo EDACS data six months ago, and it seemed to work OK, but sometime between now and then something changed.

I don't think I'm downloading the trunk system data incorrectly; When I download the San Francisco system, for example, I hear a great deal (despite San Francisco being much further away.

Any advice from anyone? Any chance some of the Richmond/San Pablo frequencies have changed and haven't yet been updated? Anyone have info to put me in touch with someone who could help?

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