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Programming BCD325P2

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Jan 2, 2017
I just received my BCD325P2 scanner and I am having some difficulties getting things programmed into it. I am in the Story County, Iowa area, I would like to get the Ames PD/FD and ISU PD. Those are the main two I would like to have on my scanner. I would also like to get story county Sheriff, and cedar falls PD/FD, and UNI PD.

Is there somebody that could assist me in getting these programmed?
Mar 8, 2004
Ypsilanti, MI

First - welcome to the Forums from a fellow user; not an "official" welcome because I am NOT an admin.
Second - again unofficially as a fellow user, I suggest you ask the admins to move this message to the Iowa Forum. You'll find members familiar with the systems you want to monitor and may even find someone located nearby who will offer to help you program the scanner.
happy New Year and Happy Monitoring!
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