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WS1010: Programming Cable

Jun 11, 2015
Mt. Olive, AL
Will the Radio Shack GRE Whistler FTDI USB programming cable 20-546, listed on Valley Enterprises' website, work for programming the WS1010?

It Includes the adapter to program both mono jack (PC/IF) and stereo jack scanners and their website does list it for the WS1010. Then, why am I asking? My experience with other programming cables for use on other equipment has taught me to consult experts like those who frequent this forum and may have used the cable in question. I just need the WS1010 to monitor several analog frequencies and I don't relish going the manual programming route.

What software would be best for use on this scanner?


Wiki Admin Emeritus
Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
There are only 2 known, apart from Scancrap (I think), programs that would handle the WS1010 (which is a rebadged GRE PSR-100); ARC404 and PSREdit100. I can't get the URLs due to work restrictions, but a quick google search will bring them up