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Programming Ft. Meade

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Jan 5, 2004
Lo Co VA/ FM19
I'm working on uploading and coding for all my 996 files. I just put up a 996 file for Ft Meade and one that has all the JNCR sites together. The combined file doesn't yet have some of the more recent TGs.
May 31, 2004
programing the BC396T

i just purchased a bc396t from a pawn shop. can anyone assist me on programing it for the maryland area and where to get a program to enter frequecies


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Dec 19, 2002
Supply (Lockwood Inlet area), NC
delmar891 said:
i just purchased a bc396t from a pawn shop. can anyone assist me on programing it for the maryland area and where to get a program to enter frequecies
Quick start....

Press MENU (bottom of black switch on the left side of the radio)
Press E/yes key to "Program System"
Rotate the volume/squelch control knob on top of the radio and scroll to "New System"
Press E/yes
Rotate the volume/control knob to "MOT" and press E/yes
Scroll to "P25" and press E/yes
Press E/yes to confirm
Note the default name the radio assigned to the new system you're programming (you can change that later)
Scroll to "Edit Sys Option" and press E/yes
Press E/yes to "Set Quick Key"
Scroll to "1" and press E/yes (you can change this later too)
Press the side "MENU" button again to back out of the menus one level
Scroll to "Set Frequencies" and press E/yes
Press E/yes to enter the first CONTROL CHANNEL frequency
Using the keypad, enter 380.3875 and press E/yes

Press scan... the radio should start scrolling the display "ID SEARCH"... if not, press the 'scan' button several times until it does....

For more details, grab a copy of the user's manual: http://uniden.com/pdf/BCD396Tom.pdf

OOPS- I just noticed you asked generically how to program the 396 but you asked your question under another discussion about Ft. Meade.... so... I guess it depends on what you want to listen to....

Still - there's the link to the user's manual and others have mentioned the UASD software if you have the cable and a computer -- this is the best way...
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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Yeah, he sorta hijacked the thread (no, no delmar...)

For what areas in Maryland, delmar? There are many programs for the 396, some are free. I'm not sure if the UASD - or Uniden's Advanced System Director - is, but BcTool and FreeScan are.

It kinda sounds like you're starting from scratch. I'd strongly suggest reading the DMA FAQ below, and take your time - there are many new concepts, such as Dynamic Memory Architecture, and the concept of trunking- that are important to understand with this breed of scanner.

Anything in blue is a link...


73 Mike
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