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Programming Uniden BCT8

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Nov 16, 2010
Mecklenburg County, NC
I got a Uniden BCT8 yesterday. *My main purpose is to monitor my local police dept* Eastway Division. I had read all about trunking prior to purchasing a scanner. SO i just pulled it out of the box and tried to search manually. When I got some generral action on the scanner I tried to program the frequencies in and the instructions were just very confusing (and I believe incorrect). I have yet to be able to program anything. With that said...
The BCT8 is supposed to be preprogrammed for state hwy patrol. I live in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC, I set the HWY mode to NC and got a little bit of action. Then I figured I would try SC HWY since we are close to the border. My scanner blew up with local police action, EMS, & fire for Charlotte NC ***NOT the SC HWY patrol***. (Hey i'm not complaining! I got my local police division (8944 is the talk group that shows on my scanner). So now I'm at least halfway to getting my money's worth.
So the only way I know how to get to this 8944 talkgroup is to my SC HWY setting let it scan and push the up button until the scanner eventually picks up 8944and i can punch the hold button. I don't know how to go directly to 8944 or type it in or something. **So that is my major question** How do I cut through the that messy process and just pop right to it? That's all i want to do for right now. Everything else is icing on the cake. Another question I have is where does the talk group ID come from? I guess I mean is that something I would program in? or when I program the frequencies in for a particular trunked system will the scanner automatically make an association to a certain talk group (like the ID is sent by a control tower)?
Note the NC HWY isn't really trunking on my scanner. I don't think it came programmed with NC. I think know that because I am not getting the talk group numbers i get for SC. For NC I just see frequencies when the scanner gets a hit.

Any help would be appreciated
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