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PSR-410 manual entry?

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Sep 21, 2011
I'm about to order a PSR-410. I do not need much of a scanner, but do want alpha tags, so this seems to be the best cheaper one out there.

I don't have many frequencies to enter, and no trunked systems.

Most of what I need is:
Various ham simplex and repeater outputs 2m (maybe a half dozen)
Various ham simplex and repeater outputs 440 (another half dozen)
Local FD dispatch (1 vhf)
Local FD tac (2 vhf, 1 uhf)

and that is about all. I don't see spending seventy bucks (cable + software) to put in 16 frequencies (including alpha tags and PL).

Would it be that difficult?


Nov 20, 2011
Northwest Indiana
No sweat at all with the frequencies in hand. I was in the same boat with a similar scanner in order to get the alpha tags.... they are great and makes listening much more user friendly.
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