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R75 frequency display

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Jun 6, 2017
Well, this maybe the dumbest question to be posted on this site. I got myself a R75 and I've confused myself on how to read the frequency. Those 2 decimal points are throwing me off. Can someone post an example of how my display would look if I'm trying to tune the time signal on 5000khz and on 10000khz. I don't know if I'm suppose to put a zero in front of the first number or what. Bought on eBay with no manual. Tried YouTube with no videos on such a basic question.

Hope that made sense. I have a Tescun 660 and it was a bit easier for my tiny brain to comprehend.

Apr 1, 2008
San Francisco, Ca.
Just punch "5" and "enter" or "10" and "enter", and you'll orientate visually what it'll read for 5megs and 10megs. A longwave example-if you want 30kHz, punch "00300" then "enter":) and you'll see the numbers fall within the decimals on the readout as 0.030.00
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