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Ray May Fire August 2011 Freqs Heard

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Oct 17, 2008
Douglas County,NV (4,859 Ft)
Frequencies Used at the "Ray May" Fire August 2011,Gardnerville,Nv (Just under 4,000 acres)

118.5750 (Fixed-Wing/Air-Tankers to Air-Attack) "Reasigned Freq/Primary"
120.9750 (Fixed-Wing/Air-Tankers to Air-Attack) "Initial Freq"
122.9250 (Air-Air Tactical) "Primary"
123.1750 (Rotary-Wing/Helicopters to Air-attack) "Primary"
123.9750 (Stead Tanker-Base)
123.9750 (Minden Airport after temp retardent refilling setup)

154.2650 (V-Fire-22) CSQ "Structure Protection Group"
154.2800 (V-Fire-21) CSQ
154.2950 (V-Fire-23) CSQ "Structure Protection Group"

155.0850 (East Fork Fire/Dispatch) 100.0 (Simplex Local/Leviathan Repeater) "Structure Protection"
155.6400 (East Fork Fire/Silver-Tac) 114.8 "Structure Protection"
156.2250 (Douglas County Sheriff/Search & Rescue) 141.3 "Road Blocks & Evacuations"

159.3450 (NDF Red-1 Tac) 127.3/CSQ "Hand-Crew"

163.1000 (Heli-Base Dispatch/Govt-Common-2)"Minden Heli-Base" CSQ
163.7125 (National Intra-Crew) CSQ
164.3750 (Tac?) CSQ
164.7250 (Tac?) 082.5
165.5125 (Tac?) 192.8 "Hand-Crew"
166.5500 (Tac-4) 110.9
166.6875 (A/G-4 Primary) CSQ
166.8750 (A/G-? Secondary) CSQ
167.1125 (NIFC Tac-5) CSQ "Hand-Crew"
167.1375 (Primary I.A.) 082.5 "I.C.P. Ops" @ Douglas County Fairgrounds"
167.9500 (BLM Local Flight Following) "Minden Disp" 110.9
168.0500 (NIFC Tac-1) CSQ "Hand-Crew"
168.2000 (NIFC Tac-2) CSQ "Hand-Crew"
168.2375 (NIFC Tac-6) CSQ "Hand-Crew"
168.3500 (Govt-Common-1) CSQ
168.5500 (Incident-Call-Up?) CSQ
168.6000 (NIFC Tac-3) CSQ "Hand-Crew"
168.6250 (Air-Guard) 110.9
168.6500 (National Flight Following) "Minden Disp" 110.9
169.8750 (HTF Forest-Net) CSQ (Simplex/Rawe Repeater) "Minden Disp"
169.9875 (BLM Carson-District) 146.2 (Simplex/McClellan Repeater) "Minden Disp"
171.6750 (BLM S.O.A.) 114.8 "BLM Hotshots/Engine Tac"

There could had been more freqs, situation changing hour by hour, hard to keep up with search captures.
Lots of P-25 or Encrypted coms on these freqs the same day, poss due to U.S.Govt Officials/Politicians from D.C. @ Lake Tahoe approving much needed bike trails (LOL) or something else to throw money at. "Diane Feinstein D-SF" among the spenders there i heard through the grapevine.(LOL)

Never heard these freqs in this area this busy or even at at all.
The day before L.A. Base was testing on D.E.A. Uhf repeaters Tahoe and Reno Channels, but nothing heard the day i heard these VHF freqs.

162.8875 (Encrypted)
167.2125 (Encrypted/067.0 Ctcss @ end of Tx)
167.5125 (Encrypted/067.0 Ctcss @ end of TX)
167.6625 (Encrypted/067.0 Ctcss @ end of Tx)
167.7375 (Encrypted/067.0 Ctcss @ end of Tx)
170.6250 (Encrypted)
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May 28, 2002
Gardnerville, NV
Thanks for all those! I think I had most of those (before the power went out) since I live in Pineview, where the fire originated. How scary was that! It was actually easing to hear firsthand what the fire crews were reporting and what the on scene commanders were stating, instead of waiting for the news updates. I was able to get my Pro-106 and listen to exactly what was going on.

Pretty cool to also hear the pilots in the aircraft talking to one another. They all did an outstanding job on that fire, if those winds had been like they normally blow, it would have been much worse. Didn't get to listen to everything since I was on the ground in the middle of the street with the stock antenna but was glad to be able to monitor their progress, at least until the fire went over the ridge top.

Got a pretty good log out of this and again, have a new appreciation for all of those crews, hand, engine and aircraft. Thanks!


Oct 17, 2008
Douglas County,NV (4,859 Ft)
Im sure there was a lot more channels being used, but my brain couldnt process any more. LOL

In the Ranchos

Do you know if DCSO is going to MOTOTRBO Digital System in near future?
License data shows MOTOTRBO for Search & Rescue (New Freqs not in use yet)
WQOA702 155.4900 mhz
WQNX750 154.0100 mhz
WQNX750 155.5950 mhz


Sep 28, 2003
I think you will see many licensees adding some form of digital emission when they relicense, as it just makes sense. I don't think DCSO would go Trbo, though, don't they have radios that are P25 capable already?
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