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BCD536HP: Remote Command Specification

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Jul 4, 2003
Winipeg, MB
I've been writing my own BCD536HP control software, using what seems to be the current Remote Command Specification (version 1.03, 2015/10/29). This has meant a lot of experimenting, since many of the command descriptions are unclear. Some (like Analyse Pause/Resume) don't list the needed parameters.

Others commands were in earlier versions of the specification and are missing from the current version. A few - like the SD card file and directory commands - were explicitly deprecated. But I haven't seen where the AST,RAW_DATA_OUTPUT command was deprecated. I'm VERY interested in this command, as it apparently gives you (via the USB port) raw data off the discriminator. Perhaps suitable for decoding ACARS data. I can still remotely toggle the RAW_DATA_OUTPUT mode on/off in the latest firmware, but I haven't yet written a program to capture the data from the USB port.


- Should I experiment with AST,RAW_DATA_OUTPUT, or will it disappear in a firmware update?

- What's Uniden's policy on someone essentially republishing the Remote Command Specification their own web site? I'd expand and clarify a few of the command descriptions, and include some .NET code snippets on how to use them. Or is someone already doing this, where I could contribute?
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